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12 April 2016

2016 Clay Research Awards

The Clay Mathematics Institute announces two 2016 Clay Research Awards. The joint Award to Mark Gross and Bernd Siebert is made in recognition of their groundbreaking contributions to the understanding of mirror symmetry, in joint work generally known as the ‘Gross-Siebert Program’.  It has its origins in surprising predictions of non-perturbative dualities in string theory: that the […]

04 April 2016

Ada Lovelace Online

The Bodleian Library at Oxford holds on deposit a remarkable archive of papers of Lord Byron and his daughter, Ada Lovelace, who is celebrated for her pioneering work on programming Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine. To mark her 200th birthday on 10 December 2015, the Clay Mathematics Institute announced a project to digitise her mathematical papers in the archive, which includes both sides of her […]

10 February 2016

2016 Clay Research Fellows

Simion Filip and Tony Yue Yu (pictured) have been awarded Clay Research Fellowships.  Simion and Tony were selected for their research achievements and their potential to become leaders in research mathematics.  Each has been appointed for a term of five years.

10 February 2016

Fermat Prize 2015

Research Fellow Peter Scholze has won the Fermat Prize 2015 for his invention of perfectoid spaces and their application to fundamental problems in algebraic geometry and in the theory of automorphic forms. 

Landon Clay presenting the award to Etienne Ghys
08 October 2015

Presentation of Clay Awards

At the Clay Research Conference in Oxford on 30 September, Landon Clay presented one of the 2014 Clay Research Awards to Maryam Mirzakhani, following her lecture on Counting mapping class group orbits on hyperbolic surfaces. The award recognised ‘her many and significant contributions to geometry and ergodic theory, in particular to the proof of an analogue of Ratner’s theorem on […]

15 September 2015

2015 Ostrowski Prize

Research Fellow Peter Scholze has been awarded the 2015 Ostrowski Prize for his breakthrough work in arithmetic algebraic geometry.  He developed the theory of perfectoid spaces and successfully applied the theory to address a number of difficult open questions.  He proved Deligne’s weight monodromy conjecture for varieties that are nonsingular complete intersections in projective space; this […]

05 August 2015


The Clay Mathematics Institute has launched PROMYS Europe in collaboration with Wadham College and the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford.  PROMYS Europe is an extension of the very successful 26-year-old PROMYS program created by Glenn Stevens at Boston University. It is a challenging summer school designed to encourage very able and mathematically ambitious secondary school students to explore the creative world of mathematics. Carefully […]

08 July 2015

2015 Whitehead Prize

Research Fellow James Maynard has been awarded a 2015 LMS Whitehead Prize for his spectacular results on gaps between prime numbers.  He simplified and extended the work of Zhang on bounded gaps between primes, then made the most substantial advance for 75 years on how large the gap between consecutive primes can be, in particular […]

04 June 2015

2015 Clay Research Award

The 2015 Clay Research award has been made jointly to Larry Guth  and Nets Katz for their solution of the Erdős distance problem and for other joint and separate contributions to combinatorial incidence geometry. Their work is an important contribution to the understanding of  the interplay between combinatorics and geometry. Larry Guth is a professor […]

Photo of Etienne Ghys
29 May 2015

Clay Award for Dissemination

The first Clay Award for Dissemination of Mathematical Knowledge has been made to Étienne Ghys in recognition of his own important contributions to mathematical research and for his distinguished work in the promotion of mathematics.  Étienne Ghys  is a CNRS Directeur de Recherche at ENS, Lyon.  He has published outstanding  work in his own fields of geometry […]

28 January 2015

Research Fellow: John Pardon

John V Pardon has been awarded a Clay Research Fellowship.  He studied as an undergraduate at Princeton and is currently working with Yakov Eliashberg at Stanford University. His most recent work concerns the construction of virtual fundamental cycles on moduli spaces of holomorphic curves in symplectic geometry. He is also interested in geometry and low-dimensional topology. John […]

28 January 2015

Research Fellow: James Maynard

James Maynard has been awarded a Clay Research Fellowship.  He obtained his doctorate at Oxford in 2013 under the supervision of Roger Heath-Brown.  He is currently a Fellow by Examination at Magdalen College, Oxford. James is primarily interested in classical number theory, in particular the distribution of prime numbers. His research focuses on using tools from […]