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Image of the Clay Research Award
05 May 2023

2023 Clay Research Award

A Clay Research Award is made to Frank Merle (IHES, Paris), Pierre Raphaël (Cambridge), Igor Rodnianski (Princeton), and Jérémie Szeftel (Sorbonne Université, Paris). The award is made in recognition of their profound contributions to the theory of nonlinear partial differential equations. Merle, Raphaël, Rodnianski and Szeftel are recognised, in particular, for their groundbreaking advances in […]

27 January 2023

2023 Clay Research Fellows

The Clay Mathematics Institute is pleased to announce that Paul Minter and Huy Tuan Pham have been awarded Clay Research Fellowships. Paul Minter obtained his PhD in 2022 from the University of Cambridge, advised by Neshan Wickramasekera.  Paul has been appointed as a Clay Research Fellow for four years beginning 1 July 2023.  Huy Tuan Pham will receive his […]

26 November 2022

Maths + Cancer Podcast

PROMYS Europe Executive Director, Vicky Neale, hosts the podcast series Maths + Cancer, exploring the extraordinary and unexpected ways mathematics and statistics is being applied to cancer research across Oxford and beyond.  Throughout the series, Vicky talks to a range of experts to find out more about the role of mathematics and statistics in cancer research, […]

Photo of Maggie Miller
26 October 2022

Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize

Congratulations to Clay Research Fellow Maggie Miller who has been awarded a 2023 Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize for her work on fibered ribbon knots and surfaces in 4-dimensional manifolds.

26 October 2022

2022 Fields Medals

The Clay Mathematics Institute extends its heartfelt congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Fields Medals, awarded by the IMU at a special ceremony in Helsinki on 5 July. Two of the four winners are former Clay Research Fellows — June Huh (2014-19) and James Maynard (2015-18) — while Maryna Viazovska was the recipient of […]

Image of the Clay Research Award
26 October 2022

2022 Clay Research Award

01 April 2022

2022 Clay Research Conference

The Clay Research Conference is returning to the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, with an in-person event on 28 September 2022. The plenary speakers will be Bhargav Bhatt, Igor Rodnianski, and Jacob Tsimerman.  Associated workshops will be held throughout the week of the conference, 26-30 September: p-adic Hodge Theory and Applications (Bhargav Bhatt, Akhil Mathew); O-minimality and Diophantine Geometry (Gareth Jones, Alex Wilkie); Stability […]

15 March 2022

2016 Abel Prize

Andrew Wiles has been awarded the 2016 Abel Prize “for his stunning proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem by way of the modularity conjecture for semistable elliptic curves, opening a new era in number theory.” Abel Prize websi

08 March 2022

Dissemination Award

The Clay Mathematics Institute is pleased to announce that Sir Roger Penrose, OM, FRS, of the University of Oxford will be presented with a Clay Award for Dissemination of Mathematical Knowledge in recognition of his outstanding contributions to geometry, relativity, and other branches of mathematics, and of his tireless work in explaining mathematical ideas to […]

14 January 2022

2022 Clay Research Fellows

The Clay Mathematics Institute is pleased to announce that Hannah Larson, Alexander Petrov and Ziquan Zhuang have been awarded Clay Research Fellowships.

Image of the Clay Research Award
30 November 2021

2021 Clay Research Award

Ivan Corwin photo
31 August 2021

Loève Prize in Probability

Congratulations to former Clay Research Fellow Ivan Corwin (2012-2016) who was selected to receive the 2021 Line and Michel Loève International Prize in Probability.  The prize is awarded every two years to “recognize outstanding contributions by researchers in probability who are under 45 years old.”