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Huy Tuan Pham

Huy Tuan Pham will receive his PhD in 2023 from Stanford University, where he is advised by Jacob Fox.

Pham is a highly inventive and prolific researcher who has already made fundamental contributions to combinatorics, probability, number theory, and theoretical computer science.  While still an undergraduate, he showed with Fox and Zhao that Green's popular difference theorem, an extension of Roth's theorem on arithmetic progressions in dense sets of integers, requires tower-type bounds – the first known application of Szemerédi's regularity method that truly requires tower-type bounds.  Subsequently, with Park, he proved the Kahn-Kalai conjecture on the location of phase transitions and Talagrand's conjecture on selector processes; with Conlon and Fox, he solved various long-standing conjectures of Erdős in additive combinatorics concerning subset sums and Ramsey complete sequences; and with Cook and Dembo, he developed a quantitative nonlinear large deviations theory for random hypergraphs.

Huy Tuan Pham has been appointed as a Clay Research Fellow for five years beginning 1 July 2023.