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Amol Aggarwal

Amol Aggarwal received his PhD in 2020 from Harvard University, where he was advised by Alexei Borodin. His research lies largely in probability theory and combinatorics, as well as their connections to mathematical physics, integrable systems, and dynamical systems. 

Aggarwal has already established himself as a powerful mathematician, resolving several longstanding conjectures of broad interest. His achievements to date include his proof of the local statistics conjecture for lozenge tilings, prescribing how local correlations for random tilings of large domains asymptotically depend on their boundary conditions. He also provided rigorous proofs for predicted phase transitions in the six-vertex model -- a fundamental system from statistical mechanics -- and for predicted asymptotic distributions in the one-dimensional asymmetric simple exclusion process, an important prototype for interacting particle systems. In a different direction, he proved the conjecture of Eskin and Zorich describing large genus asymptotics of the Masur-Veech volumes and the Siegel-Veech constants of moduli spaces of Abelian differentials. 

Amol was appointed as a Clay Research Fellow for a term of five years from 1 July 2020.