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Floer Homology, Gauge Theory, and Low Dimensional Topology

June 5 - 26, 2004

Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Budapest, Hungary

Organizers: David Ellwood, Peter Ozsváth, András Stipsicz, Zoltán Szabó

Designed for graduate students and mathematicians within five years of their PhD, the 2004 CMI Summer School is organized around the related themes of Floer Homology, Gauge Theory, and Low Dimensional Topology.

The school will consist of two weeks of foundational courses and one week of mini-courses focusing on more advanced topics and recent developments. These courses will concentrate on recent activity at the crossroads of mathematical disciplines around low-dimensional topology: the theory of holomorphic curves, gauge theory, knot theory, smooth four-manifold topology, and contact geometry. The aim of this summer school is to provide a comprehensive introduction to these exciting areas through weeklong courses in Heegaard Floer theory of three- and four-manifolds, Seiberg-Witten theory, contact topology, and knot theory. The third week of advanced courses will focus on the frontiers of research in these areas.