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Fields Medals

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Congratulations to former Clay Research Fellows Peter Scholze and Akshay Venkatesh on the award of Fields Medals at the 2018 ICM in Rio de Janeiro.

Scholze took up his fellowship in 2012, on completing his PhD under the supervision of Michael Rapoport at the Universität Bonn. He was awarded a Fields Medal  “for transforming arithmetic algebraic geometry over p-adic fields through his introduction of perfectoid spaces, with application to Galois representations, and for the development of new cohomology theories”.

Image:  Peter Scholze at the 2012 Clay Research Conference, Oxford, UK

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Venkatesh completed his PhD in 2002 under the supervision of Peter Sarnak at Princeton University.  He took up his fellowship in 2004 following a period as C.L.E. Moore Instructor at MIT. He was awarded a Fields Medal “for his synthesis of analytic number theory, homogeneous dynamics, topology, and representation theory, which has resolved long-standing problems in areas such as the equidistribution of arithmetic objects”.

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