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Euclid's Elements

The manuscript MS D'Orville 301 contains the thirteen books of Euclid's Elements, copied by Stephen the Clerk for Arethas of Patras in Constantinople in 888 AD. It is kept in the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford.

 The manuscript was digitized in 2004 by Octavo with funds provided by the Clay Mathematics Institute, under the supervision of Czeslaw Jan Grycz of Octavo and Richard Ovenden of the Bodleian Library. It was published on the  CMI's website with an index by proposition provided by Mark Schiefsky and David Camden.  The move to a new website in 2013 provided an opportunity to extend their work and to link the index to the high resolution versions of the manuscript images.  Henry Mason undertook this project, with the support of Agile Collective.

The Index by book and proposition links to the Greek and English text and to the images of the corresponding manuscript pages.

Image: Euclid in Raphael's School of Athens  (Wikimedia Commons)