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Ivan Corwin

Ivan Corwin

Ivan Corwin received his Ph.D in 2011 from the Courant Institute at NYU under the supervision of Gerard Ben Arous. His interests include probability, mathematical physics, and exactly solvable systems. One part of his research has been to compute exact formulas for the statistics of the solution to the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang non-linear stochastic PDE. This stochastic PDE and its statistics describe a large universality class of systems including growth processes, interacting particle systems, directed polymers in random environments, and less directly random matrix theory. He is currently employing representation theoretic techniques to provide more conceptual understanding of the observed integrability.

Ivan received his A.B. from Harvard College in 2006. He was a member of MSRI in fall 2010. He held the Schramm Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship at Microsoft Research New England and MIT.

Ivan is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics at Columbia University. Corwin works to unify algebraic structures within mathematics, build bridges between these structures and domains of physics, and discover universal phenomena within these domains. He has uncovered universal distributions (modern day parallels of the bell curve) in models of interface growth, traffic flow, mass transport, turbulence and shock-fronts.