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Notes of talks at the I.M.Gelfand seminar

Unfortunately, his numerous students did not yet put together precious material about his outstanding seminar, Gelfand Seminar, which all famous Soviet and foreign mathematicians aspired to attend. Even the list of talks at more that 40 years long existence of this seminar is of great interest for history of mathematics; does such a list exist?

A. M. Vershik 

Troitskii Variant, N20 (39), October 13, 2009 
The celebrated Monday evening mathematical seminar conducted by Israel Moiseevich Gelfand at Moscow State University. The meetings of the seminar took place over 44 years, from September 1946 until May 1989.

The notes indexed on the right were taken by a regular participant at the seminar, M.A.Shubin, who began attending in September of 1964 as a fourth-year student at the mathematics department (mekhmat) of Moscow State university. Mikhail Aleksandrovich attended and took notes over 25 years and, even more remakably, managed to keep all his notes. With the financial support of the Clay Mathematics Institute, Shubin's notes have been scanned. So far, there has been almost no technical editing and no comments have been added; this may be done as part of a future project.

The entire project would not have been possible without the involvement of M.A.Shubin, S.I.Gelfand, and the assistance of the Clay Mathematics Institute and the Moscow Center of Continuous Mathematical Education.

This page contains the chronological index and the speaker index. In some cases it may be more convenient to refer to the complete list of talks.

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