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Collected Works of James G Arthur

James Arthur was born on May 18, 1944. He attended the University of Toronto as an undergraduate, and received his PhD at Yale University in 1970, where his advisor was Robert Langlands. He has been a University Professor at the University of Toronto since 1987. Here the papers are arranged by topic.

This project is the work of Vida Salahi at the Clay Mathematics Institute, with help from Bill Casselman at the University of British Columbia. We wish to thank all the publishers for permission to scan the papers. Copyright ownership of the material on this site is widely distributed, but in all cases downloads from this site must be for personal use only

Unrefined trace formula and truncation

Invariant trace formula and refined expansions

Stable trace formula and endoscopy

Characters, Hecke operators, L2-cohomology

Intertwining operators

Harmonic analysis and nonabelian Fourier transforms

Local trace formula and applications

Functoriality and classification of representations


General exposition