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Graduate Summer Schools

The Enhancement and Partnership Program supports graduate summer schools and similar events run in partnership with other organisations. CMI can provide the bulk of the funding for a short (week-long) school for up to 30 or so participants or ‘enhancement’ funding for a larger event.

The intention is to enable the stars of the next generation of professional mathematicians to take significant steps along the road to becoming international leaders in their fields; in other words, to do much more than to provide training in basic techniques.

Proposals will be judged on the intrinsic importance and topicality of the mathematical material to be covered rather than on its actual or potential application.  The Scientific Advisory Board will also take account of the international standing of the proposed lecturers, the record and experience of the proposers in running research meetings and summer schools, the appropriateness of the location, the administrative support available, the proposed budget and the availability of funding from other sources. 

There is no separate budget for graduate summer schools. The number of schools that will be supported in any year will depend on the availability of funding within the overall allocation for the Enhancement and Partnership Program and on the quality of proposals.

Organizers should, if possible, send proposals for graduate summer schools (and similar events) by 1 March for events in the following year.  It is unlikely that significant funding will still be available to support proposals received after that deadline.

Applications should be sent to the President, copied to the Administrative Manager. They should be as brief as possible given the information requested.  It is generally unhelpful to include long documents prepared for other funding bodies.  

Proposals should include:

  • The mathematical case for the summer school (not more than one page) 
  • The names and short CVs (not more than one paragraph each) of the proposed lecturers. Where participation is not yet confirmed, reserves should also be listed
  • An outline of the program, including brief descriptions of the content of the lectures together with a description of the tutorial arrangements and any other academic support
  • A description of the selection process for participants. CMI must be involved in the selection of participants supported by CMI.
  • Short CVs of the proposed organisers (not more than one paragraph each), including examples of other events they have run
  • Details of the administrative arrangements, including arrangements for dealing with any relevant visa or work-permit issues
  • A brief description of the proposed location and accommodation
  • A draft budget, showing all costs and all proposed sources of funding (including charges made to participants). It is expected that the budget will include provision for need-based financial aid.