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Proceedings Volume 20 Contents

  • Preface
  • Blowups and Resolution
    Herwig Hauser
  • On the Behavior of the Multiplicity on Schemes: Stratification and Blow Ups
    Ana Bravo and Orlando Villamayor
  • A Simplified Game for Resolution of Singularities
    Josef Schicho
  • Resolution of Singularities in Characteristic p and Monomialization
    Steven D. Cutkosky
  • Resolution of Toric Varieties
    Santiago Encinas
  • Desingularization in Computation Applications and Experiments
    Anne Frühbis-Krüger
  • Introduction to the Idealistic Filtration Program with Emphasis on the Radical Saturation
    Hiraku Kawanoue
  • Algebraic Approaches to FlipIt
    Josef Schicho and Jaap Top
  • ​Higher Semple-Nash Blowups and F-Blowups
    Takehiko Yasuda