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Proceedings Volume 17 Contents

  • Microlocal analysis and evolution equations
    Jared Wunsch
  • Some global aspects of linear wave equations
    Dean Baskin and Rafe Mazzeo
  • Lectures on black holes and linear waves
    Mihalis Dafermos and Igor Rodnianski
  • The theory of nonlinear Schr ̈odinger equations
    Gigliola Staffilani
  • On the singularity formation for the non linear Schr ̈odinger equation
    Pierre Raphaël
  • Nonlinear Schr ̈odinger equations at critical regularity
    Rowan Killip and Monica Visan
  • Geometry and analysis in many-body scattering
    András Vasy
  • Wave maps with and without symmetries
    Michael Struwe
  • Derivation of effective evolution equations from microscopic quantum dynamics
    Benjamin Schlein