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Proceedings Volume 16 Contents

  • Preface
  •  Classifying Morita Equivalent Star Products 
    Henrique Bursztyn and Stefan Waldmann
  • Noncommutative Calculus and Operads 
    Boris Tsygan
  • Some Elementary Operadic Homotopy Equivalences
    Eduardo Hoefel
  • Actions of Higher Categories on C*-Algebras 
    Ralf Meyer
  • Examples and Applications of Noncommutative Geometry and K-Theory
    Jonathan Rosenberg
  • Rational Equivariant K-Homology of Low Dimensional Groups
    J.-F. Lafont, I. J. Ortiz and R. J. Sánchez-García
  • Automata Groups 
    Andrzej Zuk
  • Spectral Triples and KK-Theory: A Survey
    Bram Mesland
  • Deformations of the Canonical Spectral Triples 
    R. Trinchero
  • Twisted Bundles and Twisted K-Theory 
    Max Karoubi
  • A Guided Tour Through the Garden of Noncommutative Motives
    Gonçalo Tabuada