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Proceedings Volume 11 Contents

  • A Geometric Description of Equivariant K-Homology for Proper Actions 
    Paul Baum, Nigel Higson and Thomas Schick
  • The Planar Algebra of Diagonal Subfactors 
    Dietmar Bisch, Paramita Das and Shamindra Kumar Ghosh
  • K1-Injectivity for Properly Infinite C*-Algebras 
    Étienne Blanchard
  • Families of Monads and Instantons from a Noncommutative ADHM Construction 
    Simon Brain and Giovanni Landi
  • Cyclic Theory for Commutative Differential Graded Algebras and S--Cohomolog 
    Dan Burghelea
  • Vinberg Algebras, Lie groups and Combinatorics 
    Pierre Cartier
  • Noncommutative Geometry as the Key to Unlock the Secrets of Space-Time 
    Ali H. Chamseddine
  • The Regular C*-Algebra of an Integral Domain 
    Joachim Cuntz and Xin Li
  • Noncommutative Coordinate Algebras 
    Michel Dubois-Violette
  • Random Matrices, Free Probability, Planar Algebras and Subfactors 
    A. Guionnet, V. F. R. Jones, D. Shlyakhtenko
  • The Tangent Groupoid and the Index Theorem 
    Nigel Higson
  • Le Théorème de Périodicité en K-Théorie Hermitienne 
    Max Karoubi
  • A Short Survey of Cyclic Cohomology 
    Masoud Khalkhali
  • The Core Hopf Algebra 
    Dirk Kreimer
  • Propriété (T) Renforcée et Conjecture de Baum-Connes 
    Vincent Lafforgue
  • Combinatorial Hopf Algebras 
    J.-L. Loday and M. Ronco
  • Cyclotomy and Analytic Geometry over F1 
    Yuri I. Manin
  • Motivic Renormalization and Singularities 
    Matilde Marcolli
  • Free Groups and Reduced 1-Cohomology of Unitary Representations 
    Florian Martin and Alain Valette
  • Local index Formula and Twisted Spectral Triples 
    Henri Moscovici
  • Observables in Quantum Gravity 
    Alejandro Perez and Carlo Rovelli
  • On the Fundamental Group of II1 Factors and Equivalence Relations Arising from Group Actions 
    Sorin Popa and Stefaan Vaes
  • Leibniz Seminorms for "Matrix Algebras Converge to the Sphere" 
    Marc A. Rieffel
  • Structured Vector Bundles Define Differential K-Theory 
    James Simons and Dennis Sullivan
  • Entropy in Operator Algebras 
    Erling Størmer
  • Non-Compact Spectral Triples with Finite Volume 
    Raimar Wulkenhaar
  • A Characterization of the Image of the Baum-Connes Map 
    Guoliang Yu
  • Quantum Modular Forms 
    Don Zagier