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Ziquan Zhuang

Ziquan Zhuang obtained his PhD in 2019 from Princeton University, where he was advised by János Kollár. Since then he has been a Moore Instructor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Zhuang is a remarkably prolific and inventive algebraic geometer who has already made a series of fundamental contributions to higher dimensional birational geometry. These include his landmark solution, with Liu and Xu, of the higher rank finite generation conjecture, which is the final step in the Yau-Tian-Donaldson Conjecture in the case of general Fano varieties. With Xu, Zhuang proved the positivity of the CM line bundle on the K-moduli space; with Ahmadinezhad, he invented a new framework to verify the K-stability of a large class of Fano varieties; and with Stibitz he proved striking results on birational superrigidity and K-stability of Fano varieties.

Ziquan Zhuang has been appointed as a Clay Research Fellow for a term of two years beginning 1 July 2022.