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Geometry and Dynamics on Moduli Spaces

Monday, September 28

8:30-9:00          Registration
9:00-10:00       Jean-Christophe Yoccoz, Diophantine conditions for interval exchange maps
10:00-10:30     Coffee
10:30-11:30     Pascal Hubert, Diffusion in periodic billiards and for Novikov's problem
11:45-12:45     Alex Wright, SL(2,R)-Invariant suborbifolds in the moduli spaces of Abelian differentials
12:45-14:30     Lunch
14:30-15:30     Elon Lindenstrauss, Effective density of unipotent flows
15:30-16:00     Coffee
16:00-17:00     Yves Benoist, Harmonic quasiisometries

Tuesday, September 29

9:00-10:00         Simion Filip, Hodge theory and Teichmüller curves
10:00-10:30      Coffee
10:30-11:30      Carlos Matheus, Quaternionic orthogonal groups in the monodromy of Teichmüller curves
11:45-12:45      Erwan Lanneau, Finiteness results for Teichmüller curves
12:45-14:30      Lunch
14:30-15:30      Martin Möller, Compactification of strata of Abelian differentials
15:30-16:00      Coffee
16:00-17:00      Dimitri Zvonkine, Homology classes of strata in spaces of differentials

Wednesday, 30 September - Clay Research Conference

10:00-11:00       Mike Hopkins, Algebraic and motivic vector bundles
11:00-11:30       Coffee
11:30-12:30       Peter Scholze, Cohomology of algebraic varieties
12:30-13:30       Charles Fefferman, Formation of singularities in fluid interfaces
13:30-14:30       Lunch
14:30-15:30       Andrei Okounkov, Enumerative geometry and representation theory
15:30-16:00       Coffee
16:00-17:00       Maryam Mirzakhani, Counting mapping class group orbits on hyperbolic surfaces
17:00-18:00       Presentation of the 2014 Clay Research Award
                                   Presentation of the 2015 Clay Research Award
18:00-19:00      Reception in the Mathematical Institute

Thursday, October 1

9:00-10:00         Howard Masur, Counting elliptic elements in the mapping class group
10:00-10:30      Coffee
10:30-11:30      Corinna Ulcigrai, Cutting sequences for Bouw-Möller surfaces
11:45-12:45      François Labourie, Coding simple geodesics and applications
12:45-14:45      Lunch
14:45-15:45      Kasra Rafi, Geometry and dynamics of the Thurston metric on Teichmüller space
15:45-16:15      Coffee
17:00-18:00      Étienne Ghys, public lecture Dancing Vortices
18:00                     Presentation of the Clay Award for Dissemination of Mathematical Knowledge

Friday, October 2

9:00-10:00         Petr Zograf, Large genus asymptotics of the Weil-Petersson volumes of moduli spaces of curves
10:00-10:30      Coffee
10:30-11:30      Scott Wolpert, Schiffer and period matrix variations
11:45-12:45      Igor Krichever, Elliptic solutions of matrix KP equation and complete cycles in the moduli spaces of algebraic curves of compact type
12:45-14:30      Lunch
14:30-15:30      Caroline Series, Continuity of limit sets
15:30-16:00      Coffee
16:00-17:00     Amie Wilkinson, The Weil-Petersson metric, from a dynamical point of view