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Correspondence with De Morgan



  • Folios 48, 49, 164, 163, 165, 13 Sept 1840
    Dissatisfied with progress; seeks clarification of meaning of 'equation of a curve' and 'functional equation'
  • Folios 146–148, 16 Nov 1840
    Differential coefficients; manipulation of functions; a little trigonometry
  • Folios 149–151, 27 Nov 1840
    Functional equations
  • Folios 62–67, 10 Nov 1840
    Difficulties over the meaning of differentials; fractional expressions; proofs of the binomial theorem; comments on the necessarily slow and painstaking nature of learning mathematics, with a remark on how the 'University' method must be prejudicial to understanding in the long run; is puzzling over composition of ratios
  • Folios 68–69, 17 Dec 1840
    Remarks on how the poor weather is keeping her indoors doing mathematics; persists on a point of convergence that was apparently discussed earlier in the week (Monday evening)
  • Folios 70–73, 22 Dec 1840
    Now sees her mistake regarding a series previously discussed; learns from, and no longer regrets, such mistakes; seeks clarification over incommensurables and ratio
  • Folios 74–76, 4 Jan 1841
    More-or-less direct continuation of the previous: series and ratio
  • Folios 77–83, 10 Jan 1841
    Series; differential coefficients
  • Folios 91–95, Jan 1841
    Details of proof of binomial theorem; more series, inc. exponential and logarithmic; Christmas plans
  • Folios 84–87, 17 Jan 1841
    Limits of series of fractions; remaining difficulties over differential coefficients, which she feels she ought to have got to grips with by now
  • Folio 156, Jan 1841
    Rearrangement of meeting
  • Folio 88, 22 Jan 1841
    Nothing mathematical: arrangement to call round on Monday evening, without Lord Lovelace
  • Folios 54-57, Feb 1841
    Seeks clarification of various issues: functions of two variables, logarithms (Napierian in particular)
  • Folios 89–90, 3 Feb 1841
    More on limits of fractions
  • Folios 96–98, 6 Feb 1841
    Was too hasty in sending letter of Weds, for now understands the matter at hand (on fractions); resolves to rein in her tendency towards metaphysical musing
  • Folios 100–103, 19 Feb 1841
    Differential coefficients; brief question about logarithms
  • Folios 104–105, 22 Feb 1841
    Problems over the coefficients of a particular series
  • Folios 58–60, Mar/Apr 1841
    No mathematical content; hopes to see the De Morgans before
    going to Paris; has a bundle of papers for ADM; recounts recent
    social life (inc. trips to the opera)
  • Folios 50–52, May/Jun 1841
    No mathematical content: bemoans the fact that she hasn't had
    much time for mathematics, asks to see ADM
  • Folios 159–160, Jun 1841
    Annoyance that ADM was turned away by footman; arrangements
    for meeting
  • Folios 161–162, Jun 1841
    Follows on from previous; arrangements for meeting
  • Folios 106–107, 4 Jul 1841
    Follows on from previous; arrangements for meeting
  • Folios 108–109, 6 Jul 1841
    Many very specific queries about the calculation of various integrals in the textbook, including the pointing out of possible misprints
  • Folios 110–111, 6 Jul 1841
    Continuation of 108–109, with brief mention also of the dynamics in 106–107
  • Folios 152–153, Jul 1841
    Derivatives: primitive and derived functions; definite vs. indefinite integrals
  • Folios 112–114, 11 Jul 1841
    Continuation of the last two letters on integration; mention also of the mechanics problem; query over differentials – that dV/dx does not represent a division
  • Folios 115–118, 15 Aug 1841
    Queries over the solution of particular integrals; logarithms of negative quantities; differential coefficients; accelerating force as an application of the calculus
  • Folio 119, 16 Aug 1841
    Sends proof of result which she has carried out in a opposite manner to that in the book; more on accelerating force
  • Folio 166, 20 Aug 1841
    Developments of integrals; accelerating force
  • Folios 121–122, 21 Aug 1841
    Same integral as in preceding letters; manipulation of differentials; more on logarithms of negative quantities; another integral from book
  • Folios 144–145, 28 Aug 1841
    Various problems involving integrals, apparently in a dynamical context
  • Folios 46–47, 4 Sept 1841
    Misapprehensions over meaning of differentials
  • Folios 123–125, 9 Sept 1841
    Asks whether she should be able to prove a certain formula, or whether she is overreaching herself; questions the point of complicated method in the book; determination of maxima and minima; nature of logarithms and differential coefficients; accelerated force
  • Folios 127–129, 19 Sept 1841
    Cubic equations; complex numbers; asks whether there can be a
    three-dimensional analogue; asks about Monge's descriptive geometry
  • Folios 130–131, 27 Oct 1841
    Will be coming to town for a few days from next Tuesday (without
    her mother's knowledge); hopes to see Mr. and Mrs. De Morgan at some point
  • Folios 132–133, 4 Nov 1841
    Manipulation of differentials; calculus involving trigonometric expressions;
    differential equations?
  • Folios 134–135, 8 Nov 1841
    Continuation of the last letter; logarithms; queries notation for
    (and notion of) the inverse of a function
  • Folio 136, 10 Nov 1841
    Continuation of the last letter; logarithms; queries notation for
    (and notion of) the inverse of a function
  • Folios 138–139, 11 Nov 1841
    Journey to town has been unexpectedly delayed
  • Folios 140–141, Nov 1841
    Revised plan for being in town; mention of an integral that has a
    ppeared in previous letters
  • Folios 142–143, 21 Nov 1841
    Arrangements for meeting; assorted problems involving
    expressions for/operations on functions
  • Folios 154–155, 14 Jan 1842
    Arrangements for meeting; has been amusing self with
    book named in next note
  • Folios 157-158, 1848
    Promises to send ADM an unspecified paper which is
    about to be published




  • Folios 1-2,  1840
    Advises on readings on acoustics; clarifies the nature of zero; notes foundation of society for publication of scientific manuscripts and suggests that AAL should join
  • Folios 3–4, 1 Aug 1840
    Comments that AAL has understood the problem of the stone (?); explains the notion of a variable and its passing to a limit; defines coordinates; again promotes manuscript publishing society
  • Folios 5–6, Aug 1840
    Going to see Frend as his health is not good, so may not be able to see AAL; reminds AAL that she is not supposed to know about differentiation for the material at hand (CH: she has been skipping ahead?); defines, and suggests reading in connection with, logarithms
  • Folios 7–8, 17 Aug 1840
    Clarifies theorem involving inequalities and fractions; discusses right-angled triangles and defines tangent; discusses nature of differential and integral calculus, with historical comments; recommends further reading in differential calculus, but warns that it will also require extra reading in algebra and trigonometry (which he recommends) – "mechanical expertness in the differential calculus is of the utmost consequence"; W. Frend is better; Lord Lovelace's name added to list of members (presumably of historical manuscript society)
  • Folios 9–10, Aug/Sept 1840
    Responds to enquiry about book (?): directs AAL to 'Algebra' or 'Trigonometry', rather than 'Study of Mathematics'; advises that continuity must be studied well
  • Folios 12-13, Aug/Sept 1840
    Discussion of equations and curves; gives example of finding the equation of a curve passing through given points; thanks AAL for partridge
  • Folios 14–15, 15 Sept 1840
    Comments on Nicolas Occam and similarity to AAL's son's title – asks whether Lord Lovelace has any Occam manuscripts; general advice on making progress in mathematical study; distinction between quantity and form; explains the equation of a curve; W. Frend neither better nor worse
  • Folios 16-17, 27 Sept 1840
    Recommends continuing with incommensurables, and notes that progress in differential calculus may have to be paused from time to time to fil in gaps in algebra and trigonometry; notes on limits and meaning of differentials; AAL should try some examples of differentiation from Peacock's book; should also read Proportion in Penny Cyclopaedia when it comes out
  • Folios 18–19, 15 Oct 1840
    Muses on differing national notions of of guilt and innocence; explanations on convergence of functions; algebraic truth vs. arithmetical truth of expressions
  • Folios 20–22, 14 Nov 1840
    Points out sign error; handling differentials; combinations; validity of integer formulae for fractions also; value vs. form
  • Folios 24–26, Nov 1840
    Comments on writing of d; formulae true for whole numbers and for fractions
  • Folios 27-8, Nov/Dec 1840
    Clarifies problem concerning solution of equation; believes that AAL has got everything out of the chapter on functions that she ought to have done
  • Folios 29-30, Nov/Dec 1840
    On the meaning of the ratio θ/sin θ
  • Folios 31–32, Dec 1840
    Correct form of terms in series; convergence of series
  • Folios 33–34, Jan 1841
    Returns papers on series; responds to some comments on limits and continuity – AAL must wait until she has studied discontinuous functions; notes AAL's circular reasoning in a derivation of a binomial coefficient (assumes binomial theorem); thanks for pheasants and hare
  • Folios 35–36, Jan 1841
    Points out that if it is necessary for x to diminish without limit in order to prove a conclusion, it is not necessarily the case that that conclusion holds only for small x or x=0; illustrates this with an example; politely declines invitation to Ockham, as he is too busy with lectures
  • Folio 37, 6 Feb 1841
    Comments on bounds that may be placed on a particular fraction using those on ithe various terms making it up; comments on proof of Taylor's Theorem; it is not necessary for a beginner to know what use differential coefficients are
  • Folios 38–39, 11 Feb 1841
    Just because a theorem is true for continuous functions, this does not mean that it is false for discontinuous ones; discontinuous functions are excluded for the time being because they have no language to describe them – AAL will have enough of them when she comes to study the theory of heat; acknowledges a letter from AAL to Mrs DM
  • Folios 42–43, 22 Feb 1841
    Discussion of logarithms; more functions – justification of the fact that a particular function depends on certain variables; (finite?) differences; advises AAL to leave discontinuous functions alone for the time being
  • Folios 40–41, 24 Feb 1841
    Notes misprint in book; asks AAL to call one night other than Sunday, as Mrs DM will be at her mother's then (the day after Frend's funeral)

Notes and Exercises

  • Folio 168-170 
    Explanations relating to differential equations
  • Folios 171-172
    Scrap featuring trigonometric calculations involving surds; handwriting uncertain; 172v: manipulation of trig identities (possibly connected with trig identities in letters to/from Mary Somerville: Box 174 fols. 29–34)
  • Folio 174, Sept 1841
    Chain rule
  • Folio 175
    Definition of complete derivative and instructions for reading
    175, Transcription
  • Folios 176-177
    176r: scribbling; 176v–177r: Königsberg bridges; 177v: more trig, much like 172v (both hands)
  • Folio 178
    Calculus- and exponential function-related jottings
    178, Transcription
  • Folio 179
    Appears to be applying L'Hôpital's rule to the generating function for the Bernoulli numbers
    179, Transcription

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