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Random Polymers and Algebraic Combinatorics Schedule

Monday, 25 May

9:30    Registration
10:00    Dan Romik, A Pfaffian point process for totally symmetric self complementary plane partitions
11:00    Coffee/Tea
11:30    James Martin, Transfer matrices, tandem queues, and multi-type particle systems
12:30    Lunch
14:30    Leonid Petrov, Bethe ansatz for stochastic quantum integrable systems in infinite volume
15:30    Coffee/Tea
16:00    Alexey Bufetov, Hall-Littlewood positive homomorphisms of the algebra of symmetric functions
16:20    Yuchen Pei, A q-weighted Robinson-Schensted algorithm
16:40    Konstantin Matveev, q-randomized RSK’s and random polymers
17:00    Guillaume Barraquand, Random walks in Beta-distributed random environment
17:20    Hao Shen, The strict-weak lattice polymer
17:40    Welcome reception in Common Room

Tuesday, 26 May

10:00    Thomas Lam, Box-ball systems and cylindric loop Schur functions
11:00    Coffee/Tea
11:30    Francis Comets, Polymer localization: what do we learn from the log-gamma model
12:30    Lunch
14:30    A. N. Kirillov, Rigged configurations and RSK
15:30    Coffee/Tea
16:00    Vu-Lan Ngyuen, Variants of geometric RSK, geometric PNG and the multipoint distribution of the log-gamma polymer
16:20    Jeffrey Kuan, Stochastic duality of ASEP with two particle types via symmetry of quantum groups of rank two
16:40    Yi Sun, A representation-theoretic proof of the branching rule for MacDonald polynomials
17:00    Janosch Ortmann, Tracy-Widom asymptotics for a random polymer model with gamma-distributed weights

Wednesday, 27 May

9:00       Sylvie Corteel, Combinatorics of exclusion processes with open boundaries
10:00    Kurt Johansson, The two-time distribution in random growth
11:00    Coffee/Tea
11:30    Alexander Povolotsky, The generalised TASEP on the edge of jamming
12:30    Lunch
14:30    Tomohiro Sasamoto, A determinantal structure for the O’Connell-Yor polymer model
15:30    Coffee/Tea
16:00    Vadim Gorin, Multilevel Dyson Brownian Motion and its edge limits
17:00    Dan Betea, Asymptotics for some Schur processes
17:20    Sunil Chhita, The two-periodic Aztec diamond
17:40    Mihai Nica, Three ways to think about a certain model of vicious walkers

Thursday, 28 May

10:00    Christian Korff, Non-commutative q-Whittaker polynomials and 2D TQFTs
11:00    Coffee/Tea
11:30    Sergey Oblezin, Whittaker functions and harmonic analysis
12:30    Lunch
14:30    Rinat Kedem, Fusion products and q-Whittaker functions
15:30    Coffee/Tea
16:00    Philippe Di Francesco, Whittaker functions, cluster algebras and MacDonald difference operators 
17:00    Elnur Emrah, The shape functions of certain exactly solvable inhomogeneous planar corner growth models
17:20    Chris Janjigian, Large deviations of the free energy in the O’Connell-Yor polymer
17:40    Reda Chhaibi, RS dynamics via random walks on groups over non-Archimedean fields

Friday, 29 May - Free day for collaboration.  A lecture theatre in the Mathematical Institute, where people may meet and work, will be available all day.