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Vol 20. The Resolution of Singular Algebraic Varieties

Resolution of singularities has long been considered a difficult to access area of mathematics.  The more systematic and simpler proofs that have appeared in the last few years in zero characteristic now give us a much better understanding of singularities.  They reveal the aesthetics of both the logical structure of the proof and the various methods used in it.  The present volume is intended for readers who are not yet experts but always wondered about the intricacies of resolution.  As such, it provides a gentle and quite comprehensive introduction to this amazing field.  The book may tempt the reader to enter more deeply into a topic where many mysteries -- especially the positive characteristic case -- wait to be disclosed.


CMI/AMS publication. 2014. 340 pp. Softcover, List price: $101, AMS members: $80.80. Order code: CMIP/20. Students: $80.80. Order code: CLAY MATH. Available at the AMS Bookstore

Editors. David Ellwood (Harvard University), Herwig Hauser (Universität Wien), Shigefumi Mori (RIMS, Kyoto University), Josef Schicho (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Authors. Ana Bravo, Steven D. Cutkosky, Santiago Encinas, Anne Frühbis-Krüger, Herwig Hauser, Hiraku Kawanoue, Josef Schicho, Jaap Top, Orlando Villamayor, Takehiko Yasuda