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Senior Scholar Nominations

The aim of the Senior Scholar Program is to foster mathematical research and the exchange of ideas by providing support for senior mathematicians who will play a leading role as "senior scientist" in a topical program at an institute or university. Senior Scholars will be in residence for a substantial fraction of the program and are expected to interact extensively with the other participants. Terms of appointment generally range from one to three months, although terms of up to six months are possible in exceptional circumstances. Shorter appointments of one to two weeks duration can be made as Senior Visitors.

For full consideration, nominations are due on August 1. Nominations received at other times will be considered as funds permit.

Candidates for the Senior Scholars position must be nominated by the host institution; the host institution must not be in the nominees' area of residence. Nominations will be judged on the scientific impact of the program and of the nominee's potential to contribute to it.

Nomination materials, to be sent to the President, copied to the Administrative Manager, consist of the following:

  • Letter of nomination
  • Curriculum Vitae and publication list
  • Letters of reference

The nominator should arrange to have letters sent directly to the President, copied to the Administrative Manager. The letter of nomination should describe the program in which the nominee will play a role and should state the case for its scientific benefit. Supporting material which describes the program may be attached.

Deadline. August 1 for full consideration.