Clay Mathematics Institute

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Enhancement and Partnership Proposals

The aim is to enhance activities that are already planned, particularly by funding international participation. The program is broadly defined, but subject to general principles:

  • CMI funding will be used in accordance with the Institute's mission and its status as an operating foundation to enhance mathematical activities organized by or planned in partnership with other organizations.
  • It will not be used to meet expenses that could be readily covered from local or national sources.
  • All proposals will be judged by the CMI's Scientific Advisory Board.


  • Funding a distinguished international speaker at a local or regional meeting.
  • Partnership in the organization of conferences and workshops.
  • Funding a short visit by a distinguished mathematician to participate in a focused topical research program at an institute or university.
  • Funding international participation in summer schools (lecturers and students) or repeating a successful summer school in another country.
  • Funding a special lecture at a summer school or during a research institute program.
  • Funding an extension of stay in the host country or neighboring countries of a conference speaker.


Applications will only be received from institutions or from organizers of conferences, workshops, and summer schools. In particular the CMI will not consider applications under this program from individuals for funding to attend conferences or to visit other institutions or to support their personal research in other ways.

Enquiries about eligibility should be sent to the President. Applicants should set out in a brief letter:

  • A description of the planned activity
  • The way in which this could be enhanced by the CMI
  • The existing funding
  • The funds requested and the reason why they cannot be obtained from other local or national sources.

Funds requested should not be out of proportion to those obtained from other sources. The CMI may request independent letters of support.

Applications should be sent to the President, copied to the Administrative Manager. There is no deadline, but the call will be closed when the current year's budget has been committed. The call for proposals for FY 2015 (1 October 2014 - 30 September 2015) is now closed.  A statement of the CMI's financial policies can be obtained on request from the Administrative Manager. It may be helpful in formulating proposals.