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Proceedings Volume 12 Contents

Introductory Articles

  • An Introduction to Motivic Zeta Functions of Motives 
    Yves André
  • Algebra for Quantum Fields 
    Dirk Kreimer
  • Pseudodifferential Operators and Regularized Traces 
    Matthias Lesch
  • Renormalization in Connected Graded Hopf Algebras: An Introduction 
    Dominique Manchon

​Research Articles

  • Fredholm Realizations of Elliptic Symbols on Manifolds with Boundary II: Fibered Boundary 
  • Pierre Albin and Richard Melrose
  • Inversion of Series and the Cohomology of the Moduli Spaces Mδ{0,n} 
    Jonas Bergstrom and Francis Brown
  • C*-Algebras in Tensor Categories 
    Peter Bouwknegt, Keith C. Hannabuss and Varghese Mathai
  • Structural Relations of Harmonic Sums and Mellin Transforms at Weight w=6 
    Johannes Blumlein
  • Hopf Subalgebras of Rooted Trees from Dyson-Schwinger Equations 
    Loic Foissy
  • From Gauge Anomalies to Gerbes and Gerbal Actions 
    Jouko Mickelsson
  • A Microlocal Approach to Fefferman's Program in Conformal and CR Geometry 
    Raphael Ponge
  • Mirror Symmetry for Elliptic Curves: The A-Model (Fermionic) Counting 
    Mike Roth and Noriko Yui
  • A Symbolic Summation Approach to Find Optimal Nested Sum Representations 
    Carsten Schneider
  • Logarithmic Structures and TQFT 
    Simon Scott
  • Renormalization Hopf Algebras for Gauge Theories and BRST-Symmetries 
    Walter D. van Suijlekom