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Folio 175: ADM to AAL

Sat, 2016-03-19 15:45 -- Nick Woodhouse

[175r] [in De Morgan's hand] This complete differential of \(\varphi\), as
it is called namely

is a perfectly distinct thing from

and also from \(\frac{d^3\varphi}{dx\,dy\,dz}\) 

Read again page 86 when \(x\) is changed

 to of 87

 page 198--199 & the

Folio 45: ADM to AAL

Sat, 2016-03-19 13:03 -- Nick Woodhouse

[45] [in ADM's hand] 


 \(\int_a^{a'}\varphi s.ds\)  \(\varphi s\) meaning \(f\) 

 \(\int f\,ds\) 



 Negative & Impossible Qu. \(\int dv.frac{ds}{dt}\) 

  Operation  \(\int dv.v\) 

 Relation \(\int v\,dv\) [diagram in original]

\( v^2=2\int_a^{a'}f\,ds+C\)  \(dy/dx\) 

\( V^2=0+C\) 

\( v^2-V^2=2\int_a^{a'}f\,ds\) 

Folios 58-60: AAL to ADM

Sat, 2016-03-19 12:44 -- Nick Woodhouse

[CH] I think this is in fact a letter to Mrs De Morgan.  The
reference in the letter to Mr. De Morgan is pretty clear
evidence for this.  As for the salutation, the 'r' of what
appears to be 'Mr' curls back on itself very slightly, in a
way that is suggestive of AAL's way of writing 'Mrs'.  
Compare what we find here with, for example, her 'Mr'
in Box 170, fol. 54r, and the 'Mrs' in Box 171, fol. 5r.  
Other points to mention, although these are by no means


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