With these hypotheses, it is proved that there exist straight lines infinite in multitude which are commensurable and incommensurable respectively, some in length only, and others in square also, with an assigned straight line. Let then the assigned straight line be called rational, and those straight lines which are commensurable with it, whether in length and in square or in square only, rational, but those which are incommensurable with it irrational. Τούτων ὑποκειμένων δείκνυται, ὅτι τῇ προτεθείσῃ εὐθείᾳ ὑπάρχουσιν εὐθεῖαι πλήθει ἄπειροι σύμμετροί τε καὶ ἀσύμμετροι αἱ μὲν μήκει μόνον, αἱ δὲ καὶ δυνάμει. καλείσθω οὖν ἡ μὲν προτεθεῖσα εὐθεῖα ῥητή, καὶ αἱ ταύτῃ σύμμετροι εἴτε μήκει καὶ δυνάμει εἴτε δυνάμει μόνον ῥηταί, αἱ δὲ ταύτῃ ἀσύμμετροι ἄλογοι καλείσθωσαν.