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IUT Theory of Shinichi Mochizuki

Schedule of Talks

Monday, 7 December

8:30-9:00          Registration
9:00-9:20          Ivan Fesenko, Welcome and Foreword
9:20-10:10       Shou-Wu Zhang, A proof of geometric Szpiro inequality inspired by Bogomolov
10:10-10:40    Tea/coffee
10:40-11:40    Ulf Kühn, Noncritical Belyi maps and application in arithmetic of elliptic curves
12:00-13:30    Lunch
13:30-14:30    Ariyan Javanpeykar, Reducing the conjectures to one theorem of IUT
14:30-15:00    Tea/coffee
15:00-16:00     Yuichiro Hoshi, An approximate statement of the main theorem of IUT
16:15-17:15    Yuichiro Hoshi, Mono-anabelian transport
17:20*                  Discussion

Tuesday, 8 December

9:00-11:00       Questions and answers
11:00-11:30    Tea/coffee
11:30-12:30    Fucheng Tan, Absolute anabelian geometry
12:30-13:50    Lunch
13:50-14:50    Fucheng Tan, Absolute anabelian geometry
14:50-15:20    Tea/coffee
15:20-16:20    Jakob Stix, Reconstruction of fields using Belyi cuspidalization
16:35-17:35    Lars Kühne, Archimedean aspects of absolute anabelian geometry
17:35*                  Discussion

Wednesday, 9 December

9:00-9:45          Oren Ben-Bassat, Frobenioids
10:00-10:45    Weronika Czerniawska, Frobenioids
10:45-11:15    Tea/coffee
11:15-12:15    Tamas Szamuely, Geometry and semi-graphs of anabelioids
12:15-14:10    Lunch
14:10-15:10    Emmanuel Lepage, Tempered fundamental group of semi-graphs of anabelioids
15:10-15:45    Tea/coffee
15:45-16:15    Go Yamashita, Motivation from Hodge-Arakelov theory
16:30-17:30    Kiran Kedlaya, Etale theta function
17:30                   Discussion

Thursday, 10 December

9:00-10:00       Kiran Kedlaya, Etale theta function
10:15-11:15    Chung Pang Mok, IUT, Introduction to (Hodge) theatres
11:15-11:45    Tea/coffee
11:45-12:45    Chung Pang Mok, IUT, Introduction to (Hodge) theatres
12:45-13:50    Lunch
13:50-14:50    Chung Pang Mok, IUT, Multi-radiality of mono-theta environment
14:50-15:20    Tea/coffee
15:20-16:20    Yuichiro Hoshi, Hodge-Arakelov-theoretic evaluation, IUT II, sections 2-4
16:35-17:35    Yuichiro Hoshi, Hodge-Arakelov-theoretic evaluation, IUT II, sections 2-4
17:35*                  Discussion

Friday, 11 December

9:00-10:00       Go Yamashita, IUT III
10:15-11:15    Go Yamashita, IUT III
11:15-11:45    Tea/coffee
11:45-12:45    Go Yamashita, IUT III
12:45-13:40    Lunch
13:40-15:40    Questions and answers
15:40-16:10    Tea/coffee
16:10-17:10    Go Yamashita, IUT III and IUT IV, with some remarks on the language of species
17:10-17:30    Ivan Fesenko, Summary and what's next

*The Andrew Wiles Building will remain open until 21:00 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  It will also be open late on Friday, but there may be some disturbance from the Mathematical Institute's Christmas party.